wavelab & cubase pro Asio problem

I own cubase pro 9.5 and I have the demo of the last wavelab
my problem is
When I connect both, one of them has no sound I have to initialise every time the asio (Yamaha UR 242)
where is the mistake ?
I certainely forgot something
Can you help me ?
Christian from Normandie France

Try some of these options:

when I play a song in cubase it is ok
when I clic exchange in wavelab the process is ok
But when I want to red it in wavelab there is no sound
In fact wavelab doesn’t recognize my UR 242
How can I do ?

Try without Cubase open first.

I closed all,
Then I opened wavelab first with the setting of the asio card UR242
Then I opened cubase it sait can’t open the device
So I set my cubase on asio4all and I works,
I have the sound in both cubase and wavelab but it is not normal I think to work on different asios

The point, is that ASIO can’t be used by 2 applications at the same time.
If you need 2 open 2 applications that use ASIO, you must use one of the “release” modes.

I was just wondering at that
Is the asio sound card can open 2 applications ?
and how to do it
same reflexion for asio 4all
I have set all my applications on the 4all and it doen’t work
carry on boys

I found a thing
Cubase is in asio direct x when finishing and wavelab in yam asio
and it works

This isn’t totally correct. Some manufacturer’s drivers are fine with multiple applications using them concurrently. The RME drivers I have behave like this - just verified by playing different audio from Wavelab and Cubase at the same time. That said, it was not aesthetically pleasing.