wavelab does not work while cubase is on and...

how come my wavelab does not work while Cubase program is open? and also how can I do the replace audio in video from wavelab? I have that option in Cubase, but I would like to do it from wavelab. finally can I have the denoiser and other effects from wavelab in Cubase? in other words it would be nice if 2 programs would be compatible so that I would not have to go back and forth between the two programs to do little things.

  1. In Cubase, Devices->Device Setup->VST Audio System and check the box “Release Driver when Application is in Background”, and in WaveLab, Options->Audio Streaming Settings->Options and check the box “Release driver when WaveLab is in background”.

  2. There is no video support in WaveLab any more, however you could use a demuxer and set it up as an external tool in the Tools menu to split out the audio file. Video support even in Cubase is somewhat limited, depending on the file format, so if you want to work extensively with audio for video, I’d recommend using video software, not audio software.

  3. You can copy the Sonnox .vst3 files to your Cubase plugins folder or point Cubase to the WaveLab plugins folder, but it’s not supported. I did it out of curiosity and then wondered why I bothered – just create in Cubase and master in WaveLab, the way it was intended.

Yes, it would be nice if there was tighter integration, and it used to be the case that you could open a clip in WaveLab from within Cubase, but that was before SX and I believe the feature was dropped because there was no way to undo a change made by WaveLab. These days, after you render audio in Cubase you can have WaveLab automatically start and load the just-rendered audio file, but that’s about it.