Wavelab doesn't see my user library

MacOS ElCapitan with Wavelab Pro9.
Everything was working fine a week or so ago. Went to launch WL and all my customization window layout was gone and it defaulted to the standard layout/color scheme, and my window layout presets were gone. Only thing i think i may have done was moved some peak files from my OS drive to my Audio HD. (Was trying to organize a bit)

So, now i noticed the default state of WL has a library and preferences under user “Shared”. But i found ALL my preferences and window layout presets in MY user library. Everything is there. Its just WL for some reason isn’t looking there or seeing it. How do i point it in the right direction?

I trashed the newly generated library and prefs under “Shared” thinking WL would look elsewhere and open the files in my user library. No such luck. Now WL won’t open.

How can i make WL see it? And WHY is my user library “hidden” in Mac OS? In order to open it i need to hold OPTION in the GO menu and it appears.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

This is normal OS X behavior for some time now. Maybe they don’t want users to have easy access and make changes that could create issues.

Maybe this setting was changed by mistake?
The recommended (default) option, is as on this picture.


Yep! That was it! It was set on Common for all Users. Changed it to Independent and it opened MY library and settings. Back in business! Thanks Philippe.