Wavelab doesn't switch to headphones automatically with new MBP

I recently upgraded to the new Macbook Pro with the latest OS. Now even though my other audio programs don’t seem to have a problem finding the headphone output, for some reason often times Wavelab plays out of the laptop speakers and doesn’t even see the headphone output. This is regardless of if I have other DAWs running or if I stop and restart wavelab. I’m going to go reboot my computer now and see if that helps…

Wow-yeah…ok, this is totally messed up now. Wavelab is not seeing the headphone output anymore. All the other programs (Cubase, PT, Ableton, etc, etc) see the headphone output and I can switch to it. I plugged in my Babyface Pro and it recognizes that and lets me switch to that, but “Built In Audio” only has the stereo output for the speakers. Even if I have the system preferences set to headphones it’s not changing.

No clue huh? Well right now I’m using Loopback to route my audio from wavelab directly to my headphones to be able to work…

Does anyone know if I completely reinstall Wavelab will I lose my presets (like Master section preset)?

You should use this procedure, I think:

Sorry for the confusion. I’m not trying to create an aggregate device. I’m trying to use the built in headphone output on the mac. Wavelab is for some reason not switching to the headphone anymore. I am using Loopback as a workaround because of this issue.

EDIT: ok, I guess the new Macs handle the audio differently and have the two different outputs as independent out, so indeed the solution people are having to do is create an aggregate device.

Specifically, you need to set it up like I am in the picture-by putting the headphones first followed by the speakers. Then when the headphones are not plugged in it will default to speakers but when plugged in the speakers won’t play.

Sorry for the confusion. I’m not trying to create an aggregate device. I’m trying to use the built in headphone output on the mac.

I was told some people in the same situation as you, had to go through this aggregate device procedure.

I do want to be sure you understand that there is still a specifically Wavelab issue. Wavelab is not seeing the Headphone as a separate audio output. In all my other DAWs I can see the separate output. So while creating an aggregate device facilitates the switching, there is no way for me to NOT use an aggregate device and use headphones in Wavelab while in every other DAW I can do that. I hope that makes sense.


Pro Tools:

Wavelab (no ability to choose headphones):

I’ve got exactly the same kind of problem on my iMac 2020. For some reason I only see two Built-in Audio devices, there is no Headphones at all. Any thoughts? Could reinstall resolve the problem?