Wavelab Element 10 license and upgrade - how?


I have Wavelab Elements 10 but no other Steinberg products. I wanted to check if there was an upgrade option to 11. I’m not sure how to go about that but I started Steinberg Download Assistant and that triggered a chain of downloads and installations (requiring system password), and sure I see Wavelab Elements 11 downloadable but there’s no trace of my current license so does that mean there’s no upgrade discount? I have to buy the full version? It’s fine I was just wondering because it’s very confusing with all these applications starting and no traces of the license for Wavelab Elements 10. Online, on Steinberg dot net I don’t see the license either but if i start eLicenser on my computer it’'s there. Very confusing.
I’m on macOS, Mojave.

Ok, now I think I get it.
I looked in the Download Assistant but there’s also the Activation Manager which is a separate program (I think it was installed by the Download Assistant just now…) and there I can run “Grace Period Check” and I don’t have an upgrade option. So problem “solved”.

I must say I find it overly complicated to have three applications handling licenses and downloads, namely:
Activation Manager
Download Assistant
Library Manager

Welcome to the wonderful wacky world of Steinberg licencing.