Wavelab Elements 10 buggy on macOS High Sierra

Hi I am having a couple of issues with Wavelab Elements 10.

In the preferences, if I click on Audio Files tab, the software crashes immediately. Sometimes if I use other tabs first I can get to the Audio Files tab without a crash but then it will crash the next time it is clicked.

Also, in the audio connections page, there seems to be a bunch of labels and stuff missing. The only label I have is ‘Front Left’ and there is no option to set the sample rate. I’ve attached a couple of screen grabs that show the differences between 9.5 and 10.

I’ve already reached out to the official support but they just advised to reset the software which hasn’t solved anything.

I see that some other users are having issues with the settings page, any insights would be appreciated!

oops forgot to add the screen grabs, here they are…
Wavelab 10 Audio Settings Issue.zip (605 KB)

There is indeed a bug in the WaveLab Elements preferences, that will be fixed in 10.0.10.
Concerning the screen shots, apart the different layout, the sample rate field has been move on the Options tab.