WaveLab Elements 10 crash

Open a WAV file, click on Edit Settings (below the overview pane, between “Spectrogram” and the synchronize view icon). Crash.

Works fine in 9.5.

Thanks for the report. Will be fixed for 10.0.10

Thanks. I should have added that it appears that only the shortcut icon is broken – the preferences dialog is still accessible from the File menu.


WL 10 Elements is crashing within 2 seconds of opening. No matter what option I use at start up it crashes. I haven’t seen any posts like this since early last year. I have downloaded the latest version and am running on the latest version of Mojave. I am suing it to embed Metadata and it is getting incredibly frustrating. Definitely not going to use it for mastering until it is stable.

This crash happens inside some Waves plugin. Try without it for a while.

Yep It is the problem. I removed the license dongle for Waves and it opens fine. A bit of a work around but at least I am back up with it. Thanks for your help