Wavelab Elements 10

Hi All,

I have various questions.

  1. I worked with Cubase all this time and when saving a project there, it creates various files and folders. I can then transfer files etc. With Wavelab, I see it creates a .wav file. How does this work?
  2. I cannot seem to save the master section with my plugins and settings for the song I master. It stays the same regardless if I close and open the program, ending in either losing all my setting or keeping the same chain for any other song I load. This causes issue for when I’d like to reload the whole project after some time. Any ideas on this?

Any help is appreciated. I can’t seem to grasp the concept here.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t compare with Cubase. This is not the same application and concept.
If you want to save plugins with your song, use plugins inside the montage, not inside the Master Section.