Wavelab Elements 11 & Cubase Pro 11 Plugins

Hello there,

I recently purchased and installed Wavelab Elements 11 & Cubase Pro 11 .
I am facing a problem: Wavelab doesn’t appear some of the Cubase plugins, for example Multiband Compressor.

I have updated the folders in the preferences and did the scans, but still no result.

Does anyone have a solution?

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Wavelab and Cubase plugins are not interchangeable. Meaning you can’t use Cubase plugins in Wavelab.

Thanks @misohoza for your quick response.

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Indeed, but I think Steinberg should create an independent “VST Plugins Package” of Cubase plugins. For some reason I need to use sometimes another DAW or edit application and I would like to use Cubase’s plugins - most of them are very good tools :wink:

As it seems, Steinberg has done that on purpose so as some plugins to work exclusively in Cubase.