Wavelab Elements 8.0.3 does not recognize eLicense

I bought WaveLab Elements 8 from Sweetwater last week. I installed the eLicense on my Steinberg dongle and installed the 32bit and 64 bit versions on my computer running Windows 8.1. The 32 bit version worked fine. but the 64 bit version did not load. The access screen did not show up.

After research, I downloaded the latest version of WaveLab 8.0.3 from the Steinberg website. I installed the 64bit version and the access screen came on and an error came on saying that there was no eLicense on my computer for the product. I contacted Steinberg web support last Sunday and they have not responded. I will work with the 32bit version for now, but I really think that your customer support really sucks.

Install the latest elicenser software and try again:


Hello, this is not the way it works.

You have to:

  1. install the eLicenser on your system, then
  2. insert your activatiion code (should be in your elements box) in the eLicenser.
  3. your license will be downloaded on your eLicenser (requires an internet connection).
  4. Now you can, if you like, transfer your license on your Steinberg dongle, via the appropriate option available in the eLicenser.
    Remember: once on your dongle, you won’t be able anymore to place the license back on your PC.

hope this helps.

Did you download “Wavelab Elements 8.03” or Wavelab 8.03? If it’s the latter - then your error message is correct as you do not have a license for the full Wavelab.

You may want to clarify what exactly you downloaded.