Wavelab Elements 8.5 requests

Note that this thread is for WLE. Requests for the full WL is here:

I’d like to kick of by three requests.

a) That Steinberg makes true on the false claim in the manual; that we are allowed to use the plug-ins from Cubase (that we’ve bought and paid for once).

b) That the editable CD-track markers are included in WLE aswell.

c) That monitor switching is included. Personally, I use three monitor systems; my main studio monitors, my home theater system and a small speaker (intended for mp3 players).

What really would be a great idea, is a Cubase companion version of WL (WLCB?). This should include all the features that we’ve already paid for once such as plug-ins, multiple (audio) monitor support, EBU-compliant loudness metering support, etc. Since this version would be aimed at professional users (Cubase is, isn’t it?), DDP format support ought to be included aswell.