Wavelab Elements 8 Sonnox Plugins?

Hello all. Was wondering how to make Wavelab Elements 8 Sonnox Plugins work in Cubase 7.0.6? Is it possible? This topic is mentioned on the Wavelab 8 side as being possible to do. Would love to know how to get this to work. Thanks

You don’t say whether you work with Mac or Windows. Add that to your profile, and it will be easier to receive help.

Anyway, you only need to copy the plug-ins to where your Cubase plug-ins are kept. I don’t know the specifics for Windows, but on the Mac do the following.

  1. Find your copy of Wavelab Elements 8.

  2. Ctrl/right click on it and select “Show Package Content”.

  3. Follow this path Contents/System/Plugins. Do not go to the Plugins folder in the Contents folder.

  4. Drag the Sonnox plugins to Library/Audio/Plugins/VST3 and aliases for the pugins will be placed there.

The next time you start Cubase, they will be available in your plug-ins menu.

Thanks for your reply and instructions on how to achieve this Svenne. And also thanks for reminding me to update signature. Sorry. i’m on Windows 7 Pro. Thanks again.

PS I did copy those vst3 files from the Wavelab Elements 8 folder into the Cubase 7 folder. I get an error box. Also, both programs are 64 bit.

Tried it again. And this time I copied all the Wavelab files (VST3 and RAW) into the Cubase VST3 folder. There they are! :smiley: Thanks again!

How about the other way around? Is it possible to use Cubase 7 plugins (like the multiband compressor) in Wavelab Elements 8?

Steinbergs is lying about this in the manual. They claim that it is possible, but it isn’t. At least not the VST3 plug-ins. The are a couple of older VST 2.4 plug-ins that can be used. At least on the Mac.

It’s sad that Steinberg won’t let those of us who has payed for the plug-ins once (with Cubase), but are requested to pay for them once again. And then, to really rub it in, they lie about it!