Wavelab Elements 9 crashes

Hi everyone

I’ve just bought and installed the above mentioned program for the first time. So I’m new to wavelab. I can only use the program for only a short while before it crashes and then have to close the program. It mainly crashes when I try and minimise the program window.

I’m using Windows 10 and the moment I’m testing out the program on my laptop i5 Intel processor 2.7g, 4gram. Not a big spec but I’m also running Cubase 8.5 and ableton on this with no problems. I have a better spec desktop but I like to use the laptop for mobile purposes.

Hope someone can point me to somewhere good.

Many thanks

Roll back to WLE 8 (or demand a refound). WLE 9 is a crash-prone disaster that shouldn’t be sold!

I can confirm WL 9.0.15 crashes after saving something, also after finishing rendering. Tomorrow I can not deliver to my producer thanks to … Steinberg SW. What about downward compatibility??? When to fix?