Wavelab Elements 9 - File Size Limit


I am fluent with Wavelab 8 and use it to edit 2 hour podcasts prior to uploading. The average file size is 110Mb and it works fine.

I have downloaded the trial version of Wavelab Elements 9 (which I believe is fully featured)

After editing and rendering an MP3 file of about 110Mb it reaches 90% and I am told it exceeds the 2Gb size limit.

I have searched through all of the options, and have searched Google and cannot find a solution.

Is it possible to edit and render a 2 hour long 128K MP3 file in Wavelab 9?

PG is working on a fix - it’s supposed to be released in the very next Wavelab Elements update - 9.0.30. Check PG’s response in this thread: Large files - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums