Wavelab (Elements) License - How many computers?

I made the stupid decision to buy a UR44 audio interface some years ago which is prone to glitching and dropout. I have not yet got around to replacing it permanently, but am now in need of making some critical recordings in the very near future

Think the best thing I can do is to use a dedicated computer for this with the UR 44, but want a minimum of software installation/configuration etc headaches.

My question is can I install Elements on more than 1 computer, and if so is there anything special I need to take into consideration?

Many thanks!

The installation is not the problem,
the license will be usable on one computer only.
But you can transfer the license to the new computer.

Thanks very much!

But is the license transfer from one computer permanent?

Can I continue to use Wavelab on both computers as long as only one instance is active at any given time?


No, this is not possible at the moment. With the USB-eLicenser this would be possible, put the Stick in the machine you working on…

OK thanks. Best thing might be to download a trial for the other machine as a temporary measure. Scout’s honour I will only use one instance at a time!

There is a change in licensing system planned for the future,
but I guess it will take some time to apply this on the Wavelab products

Do you know if I can get a discounted second license?

Not at the moment…
Nuendo is on sale at the moment :wink: