Wavelab Elements possibilites

I’m thinking of hiring an assistant that can do a lot of work for me remotely. One of the things would be preparing Wavelab montage sessions for me, especially for a certain client where I need to have at least 5 stereo audio tracks in a montage, rarely more than 10 though.

I own Wavelab 8 full version already.

I looked at the differences between the full and Elements versions, and from what I can tell, it sounds like I could get by with purchasing Wavelab Elements for an assistant to use because they would just need the basic features and I would do the main work. The only possible issue looks like the Elements version might be limited to just 3 stereo audio tracks in a montage, is this correct?

Also, would it be possible for an assistant to send me just an Elements montage session file and I could open it in my full version of Wavelab? I would just have to direct Wavelab to the audio files on my system but at least the session would be organized and arranged as I like it.

The montage is much different in Elements. Though a montage element can be open in WaveLab, this is not “officialy” supported. Some things might not be translated perfectly, I can’t guarantee this, at least.
For instance, when opening a WLE montage in WL, it is not possible to make a time selection within a clip.

Thanks, it sounds like I would probably be best to just purchase another full version and not worry about limitations.

I use both editions and WLE is superb value for (mobile) audio edits, and means you don’t have to leave a familiar environment, but the montage is one of the main features that differentiate the full version and the price difference is therefore understandable, at least to me.