Wavelab Elements vs SpectraLayers Elements for noise reduction

Hello everyone.

I have Wavelab LE 11.1.

I need to process samples of instruments that could have been left with some background noise, since the place where the recordings were made was not as quiet as I would have wanted.

I am between an upgrade to Wavelab Elements (40eur) or buy SpectraLayers Elements (80eur).

Since one investment is twice the other I am in doubt.

What dou you recommend?

Greetings and thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for the question.
Wavelab Elements has some good capabilities for noise reduction in case of internal plugins.
SpectraLayers Elements also uses a good basic algorithm for that purpose.
It depends if you want to use the application more in case of spectral editing / noise reduction editing which comes with SpectraLayers or to use Wavelab Elements which can be used on track based clip editing together with Mastering Tools such as noise reduction.


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