Wavelab Elements with Spectralayers as external editor?

I have Cubase 12 Pro and Spectralayers Pro. Am interested in getting wave labs elements for a bit of work here and there and I’m wondering if SpectraLayers can be used as an external editor in wavelabs elements? I know it can be used in wavelabs Pro as an external editor but I scoured the documentation at Steinberg and on the net and I see nothing to indicate that it can. Not even in the Steinberg help manuals does it even mention whether Spectralayers can be used as an external editor for wavelab elements. However it specifies wavelab elements can be used as an external editor in Cubase and Nuendo?!? So there’s some confusion. Anyone know the answer? Thanks. :wink:

According to the manual you can’t set any External Editor in WaveLab Elements, just an Alternative External File Browser - so no, seems like you can’t use SpectraLayers with WaveLab Elements for external editing, at least not directly and “the easy way”.
The other feature “WaveLab Exchange” seems to be tied specifically to WaveLab Elements/Pro + Cubase Artist/Pro or Nuendo only.

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Only in WaveLab Pro.

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Thanks for a thorough reply! I proceeded with purchasing Wavelabs Elements and your observation is confirmed. Although I’m disappointed with no Spectralayers external editing, I’m rather shocked that the wavelab GUI is clunky and needs better organization. I expected too much from the vaunted Restore Rig which is finicky and confusing to say the least.

Nonetheless, WLE will have use in my studio instead of C12 for quick and dirty ingress runs off old mylar media. And if it can batch reasonably well eg remove basic hum and noise overnight from numerous files, I’d be less disappointed with it.

Thanks for mentioning WL Exchange. I’ll look into it.

BTW, to others out there, Google Bard and Bing both stated WLE can use SpectraLayers Pro as an external editor. :laughing::joy::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Correct, as I confirmed in my adjoining post. It’s silly of steinberg to omit the capability. We can only hope for more thoughtful function correlation. Thanks!

I guess you get what you pay for…If you want all the “bells and whistles” you have to pay for them. FWIW


Truly. At least, wavelab Elements can be used as a limited external editor for Cubase/Nuendo and likely only to 96/24? WLE is…adequate. :yawning_face::sleeping: