Wavelab elicenser and update or grace period

Hello everybody. Can somebody talk to me what happen if I’m have wavelab 7 activated on my usb dongle some years ago when it’s come out and still have one update to wavelab 9 not yet activated? After activation I’m able to get wavelab 11 on elicenser and wavelab 11.1? Or better wait to wavelab 12 and grace period update?
Or I’m get grace period in the future?
I’m don’t want to lose my license on elicenser.
Like I’m have now cubase 11 on elicenser and cubase 12 too on the new license manager, same with dorico 3,5 and 4, nuendo 11 and 12.
I’m have the Spectralayers 6,Absolute collection 3 and Vst connect pro 5.5 not yet activated.
I’m just must to know what I’m doing wait or better activate today?
Because I’m want to have latest version on elicenser and free grace period update to new version and license.
Thanks for everyone here.

I think WL 12 is a long way off but maybe PG will chime in…

Maybe. I’m just thinking about what is the best way to doing for me now?

Well - you won’t get any grace period updates anytime soon - since the only way that would be possible is knowing when WL 12 will be dropping (exactly) and then buying 11.x exactly 29 days before it drops.

If it were me - I would get current on WL 11 (You should qualify for a decent upgrade price) and get all your eLicenser licenses current.

This would (logically) make your transition to the new license manager much cleaner and allow you to ditch the elicenser USB as soon as possible.

I would not be messing around with that eLicenser any longer than necessary. And it will be on Steinberg - not the user - to ensure a smooth transition from USB to new license manager - therefore any concerns about losing any of your licenses should be non-existent. If something weird happens - Steinberg will need to ensure you get what you paid for.

I would screen cap everything you have right now (on both licensing systems) for audit purposes but I would certainly get up to the latest WL 11 and dump v7 as fast as possible. You are missing out big time on the latest Wavelab.