Wavelab Essential 6 - Install on Windows 10?

Hello - I purchased Wavelab Essential 6 long ago and would like to install it onto my windows 10 laptop. I still have the original install cd but I remember Steinberg came out with an update so that WE6 will work with Windows 7. That update link goes to a page that says “cant be reached” or something like that. Do I need to install the original software from the CD first before the update link will work or is the link for the update now gone/broken? Does anyone know if WE6 will work with Windows 10?? Thank you.

The update is available on the Steinberg downloads page, in the “Unsupported Products” pulldown. The Essential update download link seems to work, and it should work ok on Win 10. You might need to install the latest elicenser software from the downloads page too, that’s in the “Download Software” pulldown.

Bob99 - Thank you very much for your help I was able to get it working doing what you recommended. Take care and thank you again.