Wavelab est mal foutu

Good morning,
I have been using Wavelab since version 1.5 many years ago, from update to update this program has become more and more complicated to use and has lost very many features. I recently recorded a concert by placing markers between each track, before it was easy to save all the marked tracks in individual files. Now this functionality is no longer available or I don’t know how to do it with the latest version of Wavelab. I lost EVERYTHING, ALL my live recording with this latest Wavelab version. I am no longer ready to update and pay for this software which has become a real mess.


It’s still possible to use older version of WaveLab!

check out pdf or online manual:

and Justin Perkins videos…

regards S-EH

Ues the AutoSplit too for this task.


Actually, no, I didn’t lose the file since my brother had unbeknownst to me made a backup.
I only lost my track markers in fact, and that’s nothing to replace.