Wavelab File missing after i finished

I have recorded a audio file in wavelab for my podcast and after a few days the file i saved is missing and i cannot open it anymore. The 2 most important ones i finished and edited are now missing for some reason and only one (unfinished) is working normaly?

Does anyone know what can happend

These are the files the ones with 32bit were the final montage and now it just pops up files missing

Many of my files are not at 20-30kb size? what happend?

According to your screen shot, it seems this folder is missing. Could you have erased this folder by mistake?
According to the file names, these files are copies of inserted files. Maybe resampled files?


The folder is there. Look

I checked the backup files they are all at 20kb and only one recoring is at a normal size rate. I dont know what happent so the files shrinked

It is difficult to reason on your screenshots because you choose to hide the file extensions. Small files are generally .mon files, and it’s normal that they are small.

Its all mon. When i open the files it tells me the record is at 42min ( as it was ) but there is no way to play it. Not sure why this happend i didn’t touch the files for a week and now when i wanted to work this happend

Only the ones named (radna verzija) work and they have around 600 kb and these are not needed i just need the (luka veic) file

I’m just trying on what I see and make a guess!

Try the third folder from above
luka veic ep 1
maybe the missing file is in that folder ?
or do a search on “luka veic”

regards S-EH

Try to do a full disk search, searching for audio file not older than 10 days.

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No that is just a new made folder i made to keep the copy from the other ones so i dont mess up the files and folders. Its like a “backup” folder and file if i mess something up

Should i search by name or by the track number? I mean i know where can it go because everything is here all the time. this is the file it just doesnt open up for some weired reason. I will try searching tho

Any name. Search by date.

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i only found one track but it doesnt open up normaly in the program its shown empty. but the time leinght of the recording is the same as the record i made. I am sure that the first file is the correct one, Not sure why its telling me to find new files. Also the old files from pervious recordings are also telling me that the files are missing but they used to work

Have you run any kind of “file clearing” software like CCleaner on your computer? It might have messed with the files.

Is your storage drive a hard disk or SSD? If it is a hard drive it could be starting to fail and it got corrupted.

In my 28 years of using WL I have never had a file go missing except when my hard drive was getting ready to fail and it corrupted the audio file. FWIW