Wavelab freezing

Lately if I use certain plugins (mostly FAB) Wavelab will freeze and not let me select any items with the mouse. This just started with WL 11.0.3. I have no “extra” mouse drivers installed and this happens seemingly randomly. The only way to get back the mouse to work is to exit WL and restart it. This is OK if I don’t have a client present but really not good if the client is in the room. Also WL seems to be somewhat “jerky” lately when using certain plugins. Meaning that I cannot stop the playback or the playback stutters. Is there some preference file that can get corrupted? I am on Windows 10 Pro. Thanks in advance…

How? the whole WaveLab or just the plugin window?
Are you using the latest FAB?

In all of Wavelab. Yes I am using the latest FAB plugins. This is all happening in the “edit” window and not the montage. When it happens it freezes WL and I have to use CTRL, Shift and Escape to get out of WL. Of course I lose all my work. Thanks for the reply…

Try to think about some action you would have done shortly before. Because I am regularly using some FB plugins (mostly the Eq) to make some tests, but never encountered this issue.

Note that sometimes freezing is “simply” a popup window grabbing the focus but hidden behind the WaveLab window. Try to see if such a window exists next time.

Will do. Thanks for the reply. How would I see the popup window when my computer screen is frozen?

On Windows, you press Alt + Tab to visualize all windows.

Nothing there when I push Alt+Tab. WL is still locking up and getting worse. Yesterday I could not click on anything in the “edit” window after it locked up. Also sometimes WL takes over a minute to open. This all started with the 11.0.3 update. Sometimes when it locks up it magnifies any menu so it fills about a 1/4 of the screen with really big type. I am running two monitors. The main monitor has WL running on it and the second, smaller monitor, has the Steinberg frequency analyzer running on it. The monitors have different settings on them. I turned off the “Use HD setting” thinking that maybe the problem. Would like to get to the bottom of this soon. Thanks in advance.

What is the scaling of your second screen? How small?
I always test with 3 screens, with 3 different scales (100%, 150%, 200%) so as to support complex cases. But more special cases are possible and I am suspicious about very small secondary screens (because of past reports). Maybe the quality of the hardware or of the related drivers.

If you can reproduce your case, you should test for a while with your secondary screen disconnected or with a standard monitor.

Main monitor is 24" 2560X1080
Second monitor is 12" 1920XC1080
Both monitors are fed with HDMI.
All other DAW and Video programs work fine with these two monitors.
He is what was happening. The display of plugins was set for Sort by Category then sort by vendor. Always worked well in 11.0.20.
NOW! with the upgrade to 11.0.30
Still the same monitor settings except that…

In the Effect Menu
Click on Category no submenu (vendor’s names) would show up with the two monitors connected and something displayed on both monitors. Restart WL and everything was OK.

Changed the sort to Sort by Vendor then category and everything works fine. Not sure why the difference. Maybe a bug in WL 11.0.30? Always worked well in 11.0.20

Thanks for your help and suggestions…

OK so I have narrowed this down

PC running Windows 10 Pro and WL 11.0.3. This is in the EDIT window.

If I have “SuperVision” showing a frequency response curve on the smaller monitor I cannot click on any plugin in the effects menu if I have even one plug in working. If click on the presets button I get this.

If I use any other frequency analyzer it does not happen. Please help as I love the display on the Supervision plug in.

Thanks in advance.

If questions please address them to me.

The menu you display is cut off. You can’t access all the items. But for the visible items, can you click on them?
Is the SuperVision in a maximized state, on the small screen?

I cannot access any of the plugins when I have SuperVision on the small monitor.
Yes SuperVision is maximized on the small screen. the menu takes up about a 6th of my large monitor and I cannot access anything on it. Thanks for your reply.

Since the upgrade to WL 11.1 this problem seems to have gone away. Hope it lasts…

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