WaveLab Gets the Cubase "Control Room" Functionality! (Not Yet)

HI All-
Thanks for all the new features in WL v9! Great Job! Time to concentrate on the “monitor” section of WaveLab. Please bring it to spec. with the Cubase application. In fact, something that looks exactly like the Cubase “Control Room” setup is close to what’s needed. Today, I have limited control over how to treat different sets of monitors in WaveLab. This is important for me since I apply plugins with different settings for each set of speakers (mostly room correction stuff.) This is practically impossible to do in WaveLab. Please take a look at what has been done with the monitoring contol in Cubase and add similar features to WL. Also, I have limited control of the master section in WL using my CC121 (control room volume, dimming, etc.) Keep up the good work!


Just curious why do you need so many different speakers?

Master section presets can help with this.

There is the playback section, in the Master Section, to play this role.
In WaveLab 9.5, it is better, compared to 9.1 (metering + bypass)

Hi Thomas-
To respond to this:
It always puzzles me when someone asks this question :slight_smile: The short answer is, just because I like it that way. The technical question; however, is that I have a few sets of speakers. I switch between these speakers to give different colors (that I like) to my ears during mixing. I have a set of NS10m’s, a set of KRK ST 8’s, and a set of Avantone (“horror tone” knock-off’s). I will routinely switch between these sets to give my ears a fresh perspective on the mix during a long mixing session.

One of the benefits of the switching in Control Room is that I can setup each set as I like, including plugins. This is particularly good for me because, since I don’t have a room built for my studio (yet,) I don’t have a tuned room and I use IK Multimedia, ARC2. I have a different setting for each set of speakers. In the Control Room of Cubase I can set the plugin with the settings for each respective speaker set.

While WaveLab 9.5 provides for SOME of this functionality today, what is does provide for is, at best, inconsistent. I’ll setup a set of speakers the way I like them, but when I launch WaveLab in a later session, the settings are not there, or are not functioning as I left them.

The Control Room in Cubase is a much better speaker management system than what exists in WaveLab today. Hopefully we can get the same Control Room on WaveLab one day :slight_smile:

Sorry it took so long to respond. I’m not in here all the time . . .

It will be nice to have the control room here in wavelab :-/ I use sonarworks and sometime if I use headphone Ghz CanOpener.
Another problem is that If I open these plug-ins in the master section the audio analyzer tools will be influenced by them.
Does exist a way to pulg those plug-ins after the audio analyzer tools?


There are two plugin slots in the master section in the Playback Processing section. These slots do not influence the WaveLab metering. This is where you should insert room and headphone correction software.