Wavelab has destroyed/corrupted my file after saving it


I tried to merge and save a very large wave file, and after doing so the file seems to be corrupted. The file I was trying to save was over 5 hours in length after merging/pasting together two smaller files. When I inspect the file properties in my WIN 10 directory, I it says the file size is 4GB, but when I open or play the file, it only plays the first 2 minutes of the first track.

After reading some forums, I found out that WaveLab seems to have a 2GB file size limitation (like many software apps), but how do I get a backup or restoration of my original file? I spent two days working on this project, and I don’t have a backup anywhere else. Surely WaveLab has some kind of feature to prevent this from happening?


What version of Wavelab are you using? You’re posting in the “Older Wavelab versions” subforum, which would be version 6 or lower. If you’re using a newer version, you might want to repost in the appropriate subforum. You’re more likely to get answers in the newer subforums.

most modern audio software is non destructive… and Wavelab normally is not overwriting the original files
if you used Wavelab to overwrite your original file, so what to say…

you should define a target format that can be bigger than normal wav files something like broadcast wave or wave64
or simply use a montage to join your files
if something goes wrong you still have all original data and the montage