Wavelab is crashing very often since the latest update

WL12pro is crashing very often after the latest update. This happens when I am opening a montage with plugins. This was never a problem until the most recent update. Can I roll back to the previous release version so I can work without lots of crashes?

I am also still having the intermittent (multiple times per day) issue with WL giving me an error message that it can’t process a montage when the resulting file has been opened and closed. Nothing has been copied, all instances of the resulting file have been closed. Restarting the program fixes this but it’s time consuming to reload the montages as they have multiple plugins.

Update: Deactivating the “Plug-in warm-up” feature is allowing for better performance. Perhaps having this on by default isn’t for the best. I understand the purpose, but like many engineers, I always add silence to the heads of audio files before I master them so in my case it’s an unnecessary function and it appears to be the major cause of the crashing as it’s likely incompatible with some plugins.

It would also be helpful to allow reverting to the previous build in cases where a solution is not found after problems with an update. I am reluctant to install updates without knowing I can go back to a known working version, which is a common function for programs to have available and I’m not finding any way to do that with WL.

What operating system? what plugins are you using? When do you crash?

What kind of performance are you talking about? This option does not change performances.

Hi PG,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m on WIN10, latest version. It was crashing when loading montages with plugins.

By better performance I mean it’s not crashing as often now :wink:

Some of my plugins are convolution (sample) based which I’m guessing are the incompatible ones. I know they are sometimes problematic but until something else is available that sounds better I will use them.

I turned off the “warm up” and so far it’s not crashing. It was crashing occasionally before the update but not like this. I wasn’t even able to open projects with the warm-up enabled.

Hopefully it behaves now.


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