Wavelab is easy to crash

As headline, it doesnt take much effort to bring wavelab pro 9 on mac down. On my system, all it takes is to load a new effectchain preset in the mastersection, when theres already an effect preset loaded. Wavelab crash everytime. Workaround is to manually remove the plugs in the mastersection and then load a new preset.

I am new to wavelab, so I dont know if this is an oldtimer bug, or if its only me who got this problem. I have only brainworx digital v3 and waves ultramaximixer on my chain (both legal, of course), so it shouldnt be a problem.

Hi. Welcome to WaveLab. When posting issues such as this, it would be very helpful to also include the crash report that is created when WaveLab crashes.

You can find crash reports in this folder on your Mac:
/Users/User Name/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/

In that folder you should see some reports that start with WaveLab 9 followed by the date and other characters.

Hopefully if you post that report then PG (main WaveLab developer) can analyze the report and see the cause.

Also, in the preferences section, if you hold the option key while clicking on the “Global” tab, some extra options will appear that might put more info in the reports. You may want to check the “plugin operations” box.


Hi I have tried to send it now as PM to PG. thank you!

That’s a bug from the last update.
The workaround is to reset first and then open the other preset.

I noticed that too. Thanks for the workaround.