Wavelab keeping files in use after window close

Hi all,

So I am currently using WaveLab Pro 11 on Windows 10, but had this behavior also with WaveLab 8.

After I am finished editing a file in WaveLab, I would like to run a script that will move the file to a server and make derivatives, etc. The issue is that WaveLab keeps the files in use until I either close WaveLab or save a new file.

The error that I am getting on my script is:

WindowsError: [Error 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

I have tested saving either to a named file or using a temporary file on record but that does not seem to change this behavior. Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone else had this problem?


Indeed, some files are kept opened according to various internal logic.
You don’t have other choices than quitting WaveLab, or closing all files within WaveLab.

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So in WaveLab 11, when I close the File Group window in the audio editor, the file is not actually closed? Is there a way to actually close the file(s) without quitting WaveLab?

If a part of the file is inside the clipboard (eg. Copy operation was used), the file won’t be closed.
If the file is part of an opened montage, it will not be closed.
Else, if the editor of the file is closed, then the file should be closed.

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Okay, so obviously Ctrl+X would add part of the file to the clipboard but I just tested with using the Delete key on the keyboard only for a file and then running my scripts and I still had the same issue.

Does the Delete key interact with the clipboard? If so, is there a way to get delete functionality without using the clipboard so that I can run my script after editing a file without closing WaveLab?

Everything is the undo memory causes a file not to close. But if you close the file, the undo memory is removed.

Okay, maybe I am not closing the file properly?

Is there a way to close the file without quitting WaveLab?

When I close a file/tab from the AUDIOEDITOR the file does not actually close?

I can’t speak surely for WL 11, as I’m using WL 10, but I guess there shouldn’t be a big difference.
You can try the function “Clear History” for a file via the “History” window.

You can also try to disable “Allow Undoing Edits after Saving File” in your Audio File Preferences. When you save a file, the history is automatically cleared and apparently Wavelab doesn’t keep any temporary files around. This seems somewhat dangerous though, since you really can’t undo anything if you accidentally save a file (unless you have a backup).

But as PG mentioned, if there is some part of the file opened elsewhere or copied in the clipboard, the file is still locked. At least the latter should be fixed by copying some other audio data in Wavelab.