WaveLab LE 6 | lost download installation kit!

I registered an account on MySteinberg, 4 years ago … and I use Steinberg for years … At that time I received a promotional code for WaveLab LE 6 and a downloadable link for installation. For a while I’ve never used WaveLab, in addition, in the meantime, after a hard disk crash, I lost the installation kit and I’m wondering if there is any possibility to recover this kit for WaveLab LE 6. Currently already use Cubase AI 6 and I would like to use again WaveLab 6 for editing and mastering.
:question: Is there any possibility to have again this software?
:exclamation: I appreciate any relevant answer!


OK, no answer till now!
In fact, I plan to do an upgrade from WaveLab WaveLab LE 6 to WaveLab Element 8 and I was thinking that I would be very useful this kit along with the activation code received initial or only way to make this upgrade is downloaded directly WaveLab Elements 8 full version ?

p.s. I noticed that on this forum about WaveLab LE does not really exist activity, I am still an answer from anyone willing!

Hi dp_blue,

for all license problems it is helpful to contact the official Steinberg support, which you may access using your “MySteinberg” profile easly.

To make it short for you: You’ll only get (official) download locations for already registered (and activated) products (matching version number and size: le/elements/full) as soon they’re discontinued. You may tried it on your own too, but that’s what I’m told yet.

When you’re going to upgrade to Wavelab Elements 8, your LOST und NON-REGISTERED Wavelab LE 6 is not helpful AFAIK:

You may get the recent KEYS Special Mag 02/2013 (about 15 EUR) which contains the current Wavelab LE 8, which you may upgrade (download only!) to Wavelab 8 Elements for about another 50 EUR, which is locked to a single PC. When you’re planing to use it on different PCs at different times you need to spend another 20 EUR for the USB-eLicenser.

Look for “Is it possible to transfer licenses from the Soft-eLicenser to a USB-eLicenser?” at the follwing site under “Soft-eLicenser FAQ”:

Find much more details about Wavelab LE 8 in this thread on the KVR-Forum:

Good luck!

Is this issue solved? how was it solved? As I want to upgrade from lE 6 to 8

Hello Patmos,

Unless I’m mistaken at your specific question and not the other posts in this thread, I should say that there is no upgrade from Wavelab LE6 to Wavelab LE8. However you can upgrade from Wavelab LE6 to Wavelab Elements 8. Please use the following link to the online shop: