Wavelab Le license but I want to use WavelabCast

Hi. I recently bought a Zoom H5 and would like to use it to produce podcasts. I got the license/access codes for Wavelab LE and Cubase Le, however, I don’t tend on using these but WavelabCast instead. Is there a way that I can migrate from or convert- one to the other? in this case e.g., WaveLab for WavelabCast? I have activated the eLicenser but it does not seem to work on WavelabCast

You can upgrade from Wavelab LE here:

Please make sure to pick the correct upgrade:

  • If your Wavelab LE license shows up in the Steinberg Activation Manager, please select the upgrade from Wavelab LE 11.1.
  • If it only shows up in the eLicenser Control Center, pick the second option.

I am lost!!! I already downloaded the Wavelab LE 11.1. Does this mean I have the same functions as in WavelabCast? I am quite new to all of this so, please feel free to take me
step by step.


You can check here…

regards S-EH

You have to purchase an upgrade to Wavelab Cast. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

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