WaveLab LE license lost after reactivation?

Hi all,

years ago I bought a CI1 which includes a Sequel LE as well as a Wavelab LE license. Both were installed and activated on an old computer which is long gone and I’ve not had the software installed or used for a long time. Now I wanted to re-install Sequel LE and Wavelab LE on my current computer and start using them again with the CI1.

I managed to log in to my old Steinberg account. The Sequel LE and Wavelab LE licenses were still in there. I also managed to reactivate the Sequel LE license and register it in my eLicenser Control Center. Sequel LE is installed and works with the reactivated license. However, since the reactivation, Wavelab LE is completely gone from my Steinberg account. Now only the Sequel LE license appears there. Have I lost my Wavelab license forever because of the reactivation? Or is there any way to retrieve and reactivate the Wavelab license now?

I’d be thankful for any hints or advice.