Wavelab LE or Cubase LE or both?

Hi everyone,
I play classical guitar and I just purchased a Zoom H2n to make some basic recordings and also to be able to play duets with myself (how sad is that).
Anyhow, the Hn2 came with access codes to download Cubase LE and Wavelab LE. There is no information about the products and my online googling really hasn’t solved the issue.
My question is, are these two separate systems, or are they part of the same suite. If they are separate which one would you recommend I use?

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The following is very simply what these two apps do.
In reality both can do much much more.

Cubase LE is a MIDI/audio sequencing programme while Wavelab LE is an audio editing programme.

1-Cubase would allow you to for instance, record your guitar onto a track and then while playing back that track
you could then play along and record your 2nd performance.

Now at this point you could listen back to both tracks while recording a 3rd and so on and so on etc.
Get it?

2-Once you are all done recording you would then use Wavelab to edit and sorta ‘clean up’ your project.

Like I said there is much more to both of these programmes but one step at a time.

Good Luck!

Diolch yn fawr,
That is an easy way of putting it and fully understood!
It’s a double download then.

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Start your work with Cubase, end with Wavelab. (if you dont go blind first!) :mrgreen: though depending what your target audience is, you might get it all done with Cubase. :smiley:

Well, I went to boarding school, what do you expect :blush:

Ok, all signed in and loaded up with CUBASE, I go to view the video tutorials via the Cubase programme and no video, but an error message!
I check direct with utube and still no video available. however when I switch off the Cubase, the videos work. So, Cubase blocking videos!

Running Pentium pc with windows 10. 4gig ram

any ideas on why that may be?

Perhaps Cubase is locking your audio driver which then stops flash or html5 video from playing… just a guess. There is an option to relase the driver when Cubase is in the background… you will find that in Device settings in the ASIO section… see if that helps.

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Your diagnosis was spot on. I switched the ASIO driver off and the videos work. Many thanks!
A long way to go I think before I understand how to work the software.
Humm, I wonder what ASIO means…

Audio Stream Input/Output :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


It takes a long time even to master 50% of the product, biggest challenge I find is I get there then they upgrade it, whole bunch of new things to learn and sometimes un-learn.

But, labor of love - at least for me it is.


You mean, you get there and then YOU upgrade it. :wink:

Point taken, the upgrades move faster than the learning curve!