wavelab LE

hi, I purchased zoom recorder and downloaded/activated wavelab LE… I’m using a mac (up to date OS) and have it USB’d to my yamaha keyboard… the mac is set up to use the yamaha for audio output. However when I try to play a wav from wavelab I get an error saying (something like) "needs sample rate 96000 and unable, if being used as slave… " (I can get exact error later if needed but it’s something like this).

Anyone know how to get it to play?


I’m guessing that the USB audio interface in the MX88 doesn’t do a sample rate of 96kHz. See if you can find in the control panel of the Yamaha USB driver what sample rates are available, and whether it will allow you to select 96kHz, if so, then try playing the file in WaveLab LE again.

If the wave file is one you created yourself, try rendering it at 44.1kHz instead (or if it was recorded on the Zoom, then either re-record it at a lower sample rate, or if that can’t be done, convert the file to a lower sample rate).

If you’re new to this, try keeping everything at 44.1kHz, your life will be so much easier.

Such a helpful response- yes- brand new to it and I’ll switch the rendering 44k and see if can handle

Thanks so much!

I was even able to edit and switch the samples from before to 44k and it plays fine— thanks!