Wavelab lost license

Wavelab 11.2 lost license on MAC Monterey.
License exist on USB-eLicenser, but Wavelab does not see it.
Other products work correctly.
Does anyone meet the same problem?

11.2 is using the new Steinberg licensing. What do you see when you open the Steinberg Activation Manager?

License manager has started and check licenses…
Then shows - No license found.

check links here and contact for your country…

regards S-EH

Thanks to all!
Just reinstall 11.1 it’s work )

If you want to use 11.2, I believe you need to go through the voucher redemption process through your MySteinberg account …

No license found after updating to WaveLab 11.2 / WaveLab Cast 1.3 – Steinberg Support

Thank’s! Already found this voucher and apply.

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