Wavelab Markers (Export) to Pro Tools

Has anybody experience in getting Markers from Wavelab to Pro Tools ?

I know that I can export a Markerlist from Wavelab
In learned that I can import Markers from Text-Files intro ProTools with the Freeware Tool EdiMarker.

Problem is: Wavelab writes only in the Wavelab Timeformat 1m 10 s …
EdiMarker needs Timecode … (and some other format specifications)

Any other way / idea ? I tried to write the Markers into File - but Pro Tools won’t read them



I don’t know why you want to do this, but if you’ve tried to write files across also, you might try AATranslator to get the whole montage over to Pro Tools. It translates whole sessions from DAW to DAW. I’ve tried it and it works pretty well.

If you just want marker lists, I’m not sure Wavelab can’t write out different formats if you change the time format of the montage. Have you tried that? Right click the time ruler at the top of the montage or audiofile and select time formats. You should be able to get clock hh:mm:ss.ms compact format, as well as any timecode format, or samples. Not sure if the selected format writes out to marker lists on change, but you could try it.

Changing the montage or audio file Time Ruler Time Format does change how the marker times are displayed in the Export Marker List as Text, so that should work.

Thanks, this helped a lot.
I looked in the wrong places to change the Time-Display.

Also I didn’t know of AATranslator.

( Background to my Question is: We are sending files to an external engineer, who hasn’t got WaveLab (yet - I hope) and the Markers are essential for the editing of the files)