Wavelab Mastering EQ

I really like this eq, and I’m wondering if I can use this eq as a plugin in any other other DAW. So far, I can’t find any way at all of doing that. I know that I can open Wavelab as an audio editor inside of Ableton Live and Cubase, but I would really love to just have that eq open by itself without having to open Wavelab. Is there some sort of workaround that I’m just no seeing? Is there any way of doing this at all?

There are three ways i think to do that if the plugin is not available as a separate VST :

  • Use an ASIO router (Jack, Synchronous Audio Router, DS WASAPI ASIO Router Mixer, Voicemeeter, for example) : route the audio output of the first software to the audio input of the second software. Then the audio output of the second software to the audio interface.

This is not very convenient and most of the time will give some heavy drawbacks in a multitracking setup (you’ll loose hardware low latency monitoring for example or reliability).

Better would be to use a VST router plugin, so that you can send the output of a track or the master from the first application to the second one, and get back the processed audio with a VST router instance in the other direction. But VST router plugins are not common, specially in the 64 bits world. Voxengo do have such one if i remember correctly, that should be able to be chained with a virtual audio cable to link both applications on the same host. Another simpler solution would be an IP VST Bridge, for example Reastream from Cockos (free), normally works between two computers, but can work too on the same computer using address as destination and identifiers to separate different stream. I tried this later solution to check but i was not able to get this plugin works inside Wavelab (but works inside Nuendo).

Those two first solutions are not so easy, mostly because ASIO or VST routers are not always reliable, or because they are not a future proof solution (bugs, sellers or projects disappearing (see what became the FX Teleport VST Network solution…).

Another modern possibility is to use audio networking, and route the signals you need with a virtual sound cards (Dante or other audio networking systems). It will need another PC nevertheless.

As a side note, with those solutions, you could loose the 32 bits float communication, and even more 64 bits float communication between plugins, that you could have in a VST host DAW like Nuendo when directly chaining VST plugins. You’ll be restricted to 24 bits integer (so you’ll need to take care of overs). And you’ll add an important amount of latency probably in the range of 10 to 100ms.