Wavelab MasterRig to Cubase/Nuendo

As title says.

MasterRig is tied to WaveLab and can’t be loaded in other applications. It’s similar to the Cubase stock plugins which can be used inside Cubase only.

Oh, I though you can load 3rd party plug-ins there

Yes, in general, you can do that but the stock plugins of most DAWs are special kinds of plugins. They are locked to their DAW so that they can’t be used outside of them. E.g. you can’t load Cubase’s Frequency EQ in WaveLab, and MasterRig isn’t accessible in other applications than WaveLab. Unfortunately, that’s how it is.

Also why can’t I load Reverence Plugin in Wavelab? Revelation loads up but not Reverence. Any tips?

I guess it’s because Revelation comes as part of WaveLab’s bundled plugins as well and Reverence does not.