Wavelab not engaging plugin offline render settings?


I have a few plugins that have ‘offline render’ settings where you can set the plugin to engage higher quality when offline rendering. Leapwing DynOne 3, TDR Slick EQ M etc. It appears that Wavelab is not telling the plugins to engage this mode when rendering. Render times are no different when these plugins are set to do this. However when I manually set the plugins to the higher quality settings then render times dramatically increase. I haven’t yet done any null tests to check audio as yet.

Update: I’ve done a few null tests and it appears plugins are not getting notification of offline rendering mode.

vst2 or vst3? I just checked it and the offline mode is properly set for vst3 plugins.

Have tried with both. Same results.

How can you really know that vst3 plugins don’t get that notification?

So after some further testing…

No VST2 plugin seems to engage offline render mode (DMG, Leapwing Audio, Tokyo Dawn)

however all others seem to work in VST3 except Tokyo Dawn.

Tokyo Dawn was VERY responsive in fixing an issue in the newly launched VST3 version of Kotelnikov. I would contact their support to see if they can see why the offline render settings are not being used.

I’ve already had a reply from Tokyo Dawn and they have confirmed fixes coming soon.