Wavelab Playback Stutters - When Another Application is Open


Have a slight dilemma as I have been testing Wavelab 8’s functionality to replace our fleet of Wavelab 6 Machines,

I have come across a problem that seems to be consistent and unfixable, During the playback of an Audio Montage… If you open another application (As a Sound Engineer would do on a regular basis) The Audio from that playback stutters or simply cuts out momentarily during the time you minimise or maximise this “other” application…

I thought it may have been application Specific although it stutters even if you open Task Manager or Windows Explorer…

Does anyone have any ideas? I have tried both Windows Drivers and Digigram Driver Updates… I feel the problem lies inside the product itself.

Specifications of the PC

HP 8200 Convertible
Windows 7
8GB Ram
250Gb SSD
Intel Core i7
Digigram VX222e Sound Card

Hi Guys,

If anyone else is suffering from this issue, I have found the solution,

Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools\Advanced Tools

Then Click “Adjust Appearance & Performance of Windows”

Then on the “Visual Effects” Tab

Disable/uncheck “Animate Windows when Minimizing and Maximizing”

That makes it fundamentally a video driver issue. Sometimes an update fixes it, sometimes a driver or registry setting, and sometimes only a change to a different video chipset or even manufacturer.

Basically, if the video driver is trying to get the maximum performance, it holds on to the main busses for longer periods than it’s supposed to, and this gets in the way of audio transfers. It’s a far less common problem now than it was fifteen years ago, I’d say.