Wavelab Pro 10 Basic Audio CD Import problem

PG, it’s weird, they removed the Checker utility they used to have at Gear. Maybe temporarily, or an oversight? It was a lot easier than searching through the pdf and checking a lot of registry settings.

Tech-dance, if uninstalling (in settings/apps) and reinstalling the Gear driver doesn’t help, downloading and running the Removal Tool from the Gear page, then running the Driver installer ‘should’ fix it. The Removal Tool onscreen instructions should be followed very closely though (2 reboots). And the drive needs to be powered on during the whole process. (if it was an external drive)

An even quicker way to fix it is the simple registry edit described by Shine on this page, near the top:
But only if you’re ok editing the registry, and back up the registry first, or better yet create a System Restore point first, in case you need to go back.

But I would try the Removal Tool method first since it’s more authorized by Gear. And it doesn’t take very long really.

I know it sounds like a lot to have to do, but then it ‘should’ be ok forever. Unless another conflict is introduced, but that won’t happen. A lot of people including me use any number of cd drives on many different systems with Wavelab, without problem.

EDIT: The removal tool I’m talking about is the Gear_ASPI_Remover at:

There’s also a different file that says “not for 64 bit”, a driver remover at:
but that’s not the one I’m talking about. It does run on 64 bit, but It may or may not fix this problem of drive not recognized. I doubt that it will but I’ll test it.

PG, would it be possible to ask Gear if they’re going to put the Check utility back on the site? It’s gone missing.

Nevermind, I found it. GearAspiCheck


I thought it used to be on the same page as the others though, since it really automatically does the same as the pdf instructions, it seems like it should be on the same page as the pdf. It’s a little confusing.

bob99 you are a legend. Many thanks. Fixed

Phillippe, take note of this in case others have the same issue!

bob99 you are a legend. Many thanks. Fixed


Thanks Tech-dance. Glad it worked out. PG’s the one to thank for getting the GearAspi Remover tool made.

But they moved a bunch of stuff around and added in an older 32bit Driver Remover tool I’ve never seen before (only seen it referred to in another forum years ago), so it was all just kind of bad timing.

Thanks to you all for your help. You are all legends!