Wavelab Pro 10-can't audition CDs...

If I put a CD in the drive and use the ‘import’ dialogue, sometimes I have to play a track just to audition it. This doesn’t work inside the ‘import’ dialogue box. (it will import the track) I’ve tried it with several CDs and then opened WL9.5 and it works fine with the same CDs.
Any thoughts?

Indeed, the CD track playback is currently not working. Will be fixed in a future patch.

I can still use the previous version until then.

Also, I just found out that I can’t find the tab for to ‘Create a Basic audio CD’.
I use this every week for clients who want to work with their mix at home. How do I get to it now.
Appreciate all the help.

Basic audio CD is gone… Just

  1. Create a montage
  2. Drag all audio files onto a track
  3. Run the CD wizard with default settings (it will create CD track markers and set some default spacing).
  4. Burn CD

Yes, I use the Montage all the time. Since Basic Audio CD is never coming back, I’m doing that now.
Thanks for all your help.

?? I can audition CD tracks in WL10.0.20. I load the CD and select to import it, and then the window shows up with all the tracks. At the bottom of this window is the option to play what track you select. This update must have fixed this.