Wavelab Pro 10 - DDP Player

Hello, I just bought the Wavelab Pro 10 license and I have to get the USB E-Licenser, but I have already downloaded the installers and it turns out that the DDP Player has been installed, and the truth is that I do not know what it is for .

if someone can give me a hand what the ddp is for.

Thanks in advance and greetings.

A DDP Player will play a DDP file. DDP is typically used as the master for CD replication, but DDP can also be a useful tool for approving projects because the songs will stay perfectly in order, with the exact song spacing and transitions, and it allows you or your clients to see the CD-Text info such as artist name, album title, track titles, ISRC codes, etc. This is not always true if you simply send WAV files to be auditioned in iTunes or Windows Media Player for example. Things can and will go wrong.

I would use The Google to learn more about what a DDP file, DDP image, or DDP file set is (all the same thing, just different wording) and then the DDP Player may make more sense to you. Pretty much any mastering DAW can make DDP files, but it’s not something you see in a multitrack recording/mixing DAW such as Cubase or Pro Tools.

ok, thanks for the info.


I got the usb e-licenser and activated everything well and without problems.

as I had the elements version purchased previously, I see some improvements in the pro version that will go very well for me.

What I do see is that this editor is very extensive and with many configuration options. Is there any way to export all the configuration? I have played so many things that I don’t even remember how I did it … I’m learning to use wavelab.

thanks and regards.

The location where your computer stores your WaveLab preferences is different on Mac vs. Windows obviously, but if you go into the WaveLab Preferences in the app, you can have this folder revealed by pressing the “Open Setting Folder” option, and then you can not only bookmark it in your Finder/Explorer, but you can also copy this entire folder to another computer to mirror the settings and preferences.

I also back this folder up to Dropbox so in the event that my computer crashes etc., I can get WaveLab back up and running just how I like it in a matter of minutes.

See attachment.

ok, thanks for the info


Ok, everything is configured, however, at the moment I work with version 9.5 and 10 at the same time I have created 2 folders, one for each one because I have seen that they cannot be shared. in the end I have realized and I have made a folder for each one.

I work with the 2 versions since when I had the Elements version 10 it did not recognize the motu ultralite mk4 which is the card that I use at the moment to work, but the 9.5 if the card recognized it. Weird thing.

Now I have to try it since I have the Pro version of Wavelab and maybe the 10 already recognizes the motu, this weekend I will try it to see.

Thank you very much everyone for your help, thank you really.


edit:I forgot, I work with mac version mac OS Catalina with the latest update.

WaveLab should automatically make the preferences folder for each version (9.5 and 10) and even Elements vs. Pro so it’s hard to imagine what you have going on but it sounds like it’s at least working.

I had a MOTU interface for a very short time and to get WaveLab to recognize it as an interface, I had to go into the Mac Audio MIDI Setup and make an aggregate audio device with the MOTU added to it, and then in WaveLab I had to select the aggregate device and then it worked.

Maybe this will work for your MOTU device too.

thank you very much for your help. It serves me a lot.

I’ll test the added device. I know how it works but I did not get this option when I had the problem.

many thanks.

No problem. I won’t be surprised if making an aggregate audio device in Audio MIDI Setup and adding your MOTU to that, and then selecting the aggregate audio device in the WaveLab Audio Connections tab works. I had the same problem with my Grace m900 for mobile use but Grace sent me a firmware update that fixes it. I doubt MOTU fixed anything but at least you have this potential workaround for MOTU and WaveLab to work together on Mac.

Thank you very much for your recommendation, I’ll try it tomorrow.

Thank you very much again for your attention.


Well, I have already tested the Motu Ultralite MK4 with the Wavelab Pro 10 and what has been my surprise that it has recognized it without problems. I do not know exactly what happened with the Elements 10 that did not recognize it, but with the Pro 10 version everything is ok and the first time. I have tried recording and reproducing with the Motu and everything is perfect. How happy I am.

Thank you all and big regards to all. Today is my day.