WaveLab Pro 10 on Mac PC

Version 10 will be more and more a nightmare on my iMac. The software works not very stable on an iMac mid 2011 version (10.13). All updates on the iMac are made, and all other software like graphic softwares works perfect, but with WaveLab 10 I have always great problems. At the moment I’m thinking about using version 9.5 again. Since the first update of Version 10.0 I have the problem that nearly all plugins are not displayed correctly. If I open a plugin in the Master Section the graphic is displayed correctly. If I start to adjust the various parameters, some parts of the graphics are no longer visible. Than I have to remove the plugin from the master section, and start them again. The problem appears again wif I made changes in the parameters. Currently I use the first version of 10.0 pro, and here all plugins works correct. Nevertheless I also have sometimes problems with the rendering and saving process. I only have this problem with my iMac, because I have Version 10 also on a Windows PC, because this is the only way to use also ReNOVAtor from Algorithmix. This is not a Steinberg problem, This is a problem from Algorithmix because they support not Mac PC’s (strange). Today I installed the 10.0.4 update from Steinberg, but the plugin problems ar still the same. So now I go back to the original version. It seems that I only have this problem. May be if I would have a new iMac the problems could be solved. I don’t know, but actual I am not very happy with the Version 10 on Mac.

Please use OSX >= 10.14


Yes PG is right but Apple/OSX always change hardware and software
check here:


regards S-EH

Hallo PG. Many thanks for your quick reply, but as S-EH explain, OSX chnage hardware and software very often, and if you have a look to the list, you will see OSX 10.14 is not compatible with the iMac - mid 2011. This means - goodby WaveLab, that was it. Thanks Mac.

Nothing stops you from using WL 9.5 until eternity. If that’s the latest version that works for your Mac, so be it and nothing is broken.

Ok, thats’s right, but it was not my intention to upgrade from version 9.5 to version 10, to use finally version 9.5. WL 10 has so many good functions that’s a shame to switch now back to version 9.5, and what is with further upgrades. Currently I try to install Parallels on my iMac, and use than WaveLab 10 on the windows platform. I am not willing to support the Mac policy to buy every 2 years a new iMac, because the price for an iMac is not a price for a cup of coffee. Meanwhile I think Windows is for many things a better solution as Apple.

I have an iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014 and Mojave 10.14.6 installed and I can say that I also have some strange behaviours on Wavelab Elements 10.
Some plugins, particularly Waves WLM Plus Loudness Meter (https://www.waves.com/plugins/wlm-loudness-meter#how-to-set-loudness-levels-for-streaming-wlm) after a while shows the UI as a complete red block square and you have to stop and restart play and plugin selection to have the proper UI displayed, and not always the procedure works.
Today when I started Wavelab it crashes after displayed the main UI for 2-3 seconds. I tryed some things but the app crashes at least 10 times. Then when I decided to take a screen snapshot to investigate on the UI what files could create the problem the app after the snapshot remained stable (uh?).
And now startups properly.
Very strange.

macOS 10.4 (Mojave) was released 2 years ago. The computer you’re using is 9 years old. You received 7 years of new operating systems for that machine!

If you want to run modern operating systems and software, you should use a modern computer. You don’t have to buy a new, either.

I just purchased a used 2015 MacBook Pro for US$975. It is compatible with the current macOS 10.15 (Catalina), as well as the next version (11, aka Big Sur). I expect to use it for many, many years.

(For the record, I use WaveLab Pro 10.0 on both Windows 10 and macOS 10.14.)