WAVELAB PRO 10 OR 11 is adding slight fade at beginning of rendering

Using wave lab 10 or 11 pro tested with different interfaces, it seems with certain plugins a few of acustica plugins mainly when I render a file, lets say for example a 4 bar loop, it seems to add a fade on the first kick or intro to a track, and its lower than the rest of the file, tried all buffer settings, tried in main window and in a montage, but if I move the audio so it doesn’t start immediately like a one second pre gap, it renders fine but not always the case, i’m using windows 10, 64 gigs of ram, and i7 processor,
any idea ? I un-checked fade in before playback options also to test,


I really think this is plugin/maker related,
possible to check with other plugins ?
anybody else…

regards S-EH

I would write to Acustica and ask them about it. The more people they are aware of using WaveLab and Acustica, the more likely they are to spend time/resources making sure the plugins work correctly in WaveLab.

Yup thanks, doesn’t really happen with other plugins, maybe one or two once in a blue moon but always fixed in updates, I sent acustica a few tickets regarding it, but you know how that goes,