WAVELAB PRO 10 OR 11 is adding slight fade at beginning of rendering

Using wave lab 10 or 11 pro tested with different interfaces, it seems with certain plugins a few of acustica plugins mainly when I render a file, lets say for example a 4 bar loop, it seems to add a fade on the first kick or intro to a track, and its lower than the rest of the file, tried all buffer settings, tried in main window and in a montage, but if I move the audio so it doesn’t start immediately like a one second pre gap, it renders fine but not always the case, i’m using windows 10, 64 gigs of ram, and i7 processor,
any idea ? I un-checked fade in before playback options also to test,


I really think this is plugin/maker related,
possible to check with other plugins ?
anybody else…

regards S-EH

I would write to Acustica and ask them about it. The more people they are aware of using WaveLab and Acustica, the more likely they are to spend time/resources making sure the plugins work correctly in WaveLab.

Yup thanks, doesn’t really happen with other plugins, maybe one or two once in a blue moon but always fixed in updates, I sent acustica a few tickets regarding it, but you know how that goes,


I am running into this same issue with Acustica Azure and Wavelab 11.1. I’m mastering ITB with a half-dozen plugins or so on the clip. When I bypass the Azure plugin it renders fine. I’ve tried lower buffer size down to 256, also starting the audio at around 15 seconds into the montage. The only workaround I have found is loading the plugin chain to the track (instead of the clip). I’m on an older macbook pro atm. Has anyone found a real solution for this yet? Thanks

The real solution has to be taken care of by Acustica. I’ve heard of people doing Acustica with some extra dead space at the start of the actual file so the affected area is just silence, and then trimming things up later but I can’t think of a plugin worth using and doing that kind of workaround for.

Ugh, yeah. Thanks, Justin. I actually just revised my post. I found that copying chain to the track allows me to get a clean export… temporary fix for this project but not quite going to cut it.

Track Effect could work too since the render will start at 0:00 in the montage and not whenever the clip starts. It will likely slow down the render process and make sure there are no other clips on that Montage Track (unless you also want them to have the same processing).

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Gonna give that a shot, thanks,

So acustica released another DMI diamond saturation plugin and of course it has the same issues, no surprise there, this was there response, they seem to be pointing the blame on Steinberg,

Hello Michael,
Thank you for contacting us.
This is known behavior as the Wavelab rendering does not wait for the plug-in to load the emulation vectors.
We already reported this to Steinberg, at the moment a palliative solution is to either use the ZL version of our plugins (when available) or add a few seconds of silence at the beginning of the audio to process.

Seems like plugin alliance new silver bullet plugin has the same issues as acustica plugins, below is the answer I received from them,
thank you for reaching out. I am sorry that you are experiencing this problem. I am able to reproduce the issue you are having. It seems to be WaveLab specific.
I have created a bug report for the developers to further investigate in order of priority/capacity, and have attached all the information you have provided for them to review. The only workaround I found is to insert 2 seconds of silence before the audio signal starts.
Unfortunately, there is nothing more Customer Support can do to resolve this issue. However, the bug report is active and under investigation. Thank you for your support and patience.

Interesting. For the most part, I’ve found that the Plugin Alliance/Brainworx plugin framework generally seems to be problem free in WaveLab, but maybe something is different about this plugins. Hopefully they can find a solution.

FWIW, I found while testing another plugin that toggling off (or on) the attached setting can have an impact on the render fade in. You may want to try whatever is the opposite you currently have it set to. That said, toggling the setting could cause other issues.

Okay Justin I’ll give it a shot thanks, I never had an issue with any of their plugins from them, but the one released last week has the issue , I usually render without using a montage, example new custom audio file if the project is not intense, I don’t believe the option is there for that, but i’ll try in a montage, thx,

Just a heads up for anyone using MDWDRC2, unchecking the Reset Plug-ins as above also helped with the fade-in I was experiencing today.

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I’m getting the same issue with master plan from Muzik Hack on the regular audio file projects, the developer is getting a license to work on it, not sure if anyone else had that issue, it does work in the montage on track and clip effects when turning off the reset plugins before rendering, was wondering if this rendering function could be adapted to the regular audio file projects i’m sure there has to be a reason its not there but had to ask, thx,

Hey guys,
I thought I read somewhere that the Wavelab 12 update has addressed this issue. I’m not in any hurry to upgrade at the moment. Can anyone confirm that we’ve gotten past this issue with Acustica plugins?

WaveLab 12 has added a “Plug-In Warm-Up” option in the Audio Montage (unsure about Master Section) which is designed to help with plug-ins like Acustica, but the only way to know if it helps in your specific scenario is to try it and see. There is a WaveLab 12 demo now.

You can increase this setting up to 3 seconds:
Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 9.09.16 AM

Thanks for replying, Justin. Yes, this is what I was referring to.

Thought I’d check this thread to see if anyone’s found it helpful since I won’t be able to upgrade for a bit.

Just so you know It doesn’t work with the audio editor or master section which is where I would have liked it in case you are in the same boat, otherwise yes it works in the montage

Thanks, that’s good to hear, at least for object effects in the montage (which is how I use plugins mostly).