Wavelab Pro 11 crashes with the message: 'LoadLibrary failed with error 87

My Wavelab Pro 11 works fine on files but when I try to start a montatge from the templates ie 2 Tracks 44.1K I get the error message ‘LoadLibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is incorrect’. and then Wavelab crashes. I’m ruuning windows 10 and I’ve checked my AMD Drivers and they appear to be up to date. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Thanks Vince

No quite clear … does the command New>Audio Montage>Template>2 tracks 44.1 k actually produce a blank Montage? Or does WL crash at that point.

Or does is a blank montage produced and WL crashes when you try and drag or open a stereo file at 44.1 k to that blank montage? If it is this, then it might be an issue with the naming of the wav file (typically a space somewhere that breaks the naming convention).

Thanks for responding, it crashes before the montage widow opens - I’ve tried all the various templates and loading in an existing montage but each time it freezes before the montage window opens.

If you don’t use a template to create a montage, does the same thing happen?

Yes, I’ve traced the fault to the graphics card driver, when I uninstall that the montage window opens fine. The problem is that there is no new driver for that graphics card and it reinstalls a new version of the driver automatically - ebven though I uninstalled it. I think I’ll need a new graphics card or just keep uninstalling before launching wavelab. My USB HDMI ports still work fine for two screens so it is still usable at least as a temporary solution. Thanks for helping.

FWIW … after a recent system SSD failure I had a similar issue with an older graphics card on the machine part rebuild. Windows kept trying to auto install a driver that it could not find and defaulting to an incorrect one that it could find.

Certain plugins were not displaying correctly and some other weirdness including WL12 exiting without reason…

The only cure was a new video card which immediately re-stabilized the system.

Thanks Paul, I think it’s time for a new graphics card - although the new driver works fine for everything else - it still crashes Wavelab when I try to open the montage window - cheers