WaveLab Pro 11 FabFilter DS Error Crashed System [Win 10 Pro/AMD Ryzen]

I got an error message pop-up saying that WaveLab had an error involving FabFilter DS after applying about the 6th instance of it on a track while mastering a 12 song LP with each song on a separate track plus 1 reference track.
This system has never crashed before today. Unfortunately, I didn’t save and apparently WL doesn’t auto-save so I lost hours of work.

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64
CPU: AMD Ryzen
Soundcard in use at the time: Lynx AES16e + Lynx Aurora16
Master Output: 1+2 Out
External FX: 3+4 I/O and 5+6 I/O

WaveLab has auto-save and activated by default:


I see that now. :pensive:

Then you should be able to find the old data.

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