WaveLab Pro 11 loses license! PROBLEM SOLVED!

Hi everyone,

After WaveLab all of a sudden refused to work with my trusty RME UCX Interface, I reinstalled Wavelab Pro, which worked just fine with the Steinberg Download Assistant.
But now my license is gone! Nothing can be found in the e-Licenser app.

I emediately contacted support, but even after 3 days now NOTHING has happened.

This NEVER ocoured with the dongle protection scheme, which I would want to keep, as it always works without a internet connection.

I am really p*sed off here! I am in the middle of production, and need to use WaveLab now, for what I bought it for!

completely unprofessional…



Problem solved!

While support could only find a license of my old WaveLab Elements, I was able to get my license back after the 11.2 update, by using my original Download Access Code from the original receipt, when I upgraded to WaveLab Pro. By using that in Steinberg Activation Manager, I re-installed, and presto, it works again!

I hope this helps others with the same problem.



I have the same problem, I went to download the access code, but when I try to input it, it opens the old license software with the keys and says there is nothing to update.

It looks like I need to go to the Steinberg Activation Manager and perhaps get rid of the older Elicenser Control Center?

You have a different issue - you must ‘upgrade’ your WaveLab Pro 10 (Educational) licence to validate your WaveLab Pro 11 licence.

If your WaveLab Pro 10 licence is not an educational one, you will need to contact Steinberg Support to get things straightened out.

What am I suppose to do now. Where do I go to active the verification? Why is this so confusing?

Steinberg Licensing: “Verification Pending” or “Expired” – Steinberg Support

So I told my computer to activate on my computer. You would think, this would solve my issue. But it did not. :tired_face:

After I hit activate, this showed up. I hit Continue.

It still says pending activation. WTF?

Refresh Steinberg Activation Manager. It can take a few minutes after verifying for the Verification Pending to disappear.

I did, and it still shows verification pending today. :frowning_face:

Contact Steinberg Support.