WaveLab Pro 11 loses license! PROBLEM SOLVED!

Hi everyone,

After WaveLab all of a sudden refused to work with my trusty RME UCX Interface, I reinstalled Wavelab Pro, which worked just fine with the Steinberg Download Assistant.
But now my license is gone! Nothing can be found in the e-Licenser app.

I emediately contacted support, but even after 3 days now NOTHING has happened.

This NEVER ocoured with the dongle protection scheme, which I would want to keep, as it always works without a internet connection.

I am really p*sed off here! I am in the middle of production, and need to use WaveLab now, for what I bought it for!

completely unprofessional…



Problem solved!

While support could only find a license of my old WaveLab Elements, I was able to get my license back after the 11.2 update, by using my original Download Access Code from the original receipt, when I upgraded to WaveLab Pro. By using that in Steinberg Activation Manager, I re-installed, and presto, it works again!

I hope this helps others with the same problem.