Wavelab Pro 11 Scripting - montageEditor.loadRenderPreset not working

Hi, I’m having an issue where the montageEditor.loadRenderPreset does not seem to be working. I’ve tried it both with the .dat extension and without. For reference, to get the masterSection.LoadPreset to work, I had to add the .dat extension even though the manual says I shouldn’t have to.

The below is the code I’m using. The “temp” preset exists as a montage render preset and I have a montage open alongside the script editor.


var master2448 = "temp.dat";
var outputFileName = "c:/audio/temp/2/*";



There is indeed a WaveLab bug. The solution at this time is to use an absolute file path for the preset.
This will be fixed in the next update (as well as the .dat extension remark).

This being said, for your script to work, you will need to specify a real file path for “outputFileName” (the ‘*’ won’t work).

Also, there must be an instruction to activate the montage, because when the script is active, there is not active montage. Something like:

var montage = workspace.openMontage(“…”);

Is there really no way to do any of this without manually activating a montage with an exact path? Do people really copy and paste the full file name into a script for every different scripted scenario? I feel like you would want to be able to run a script without altering it every time.

In 11.1.20, no other way, but for the next minor WaveLab update, I have added instructions:
workspace.activeWave() and workspace.activeMontage()


This is a tangent, but is there any way to assign a keyboard shortcut to a script snippet? That’d be amazing if so :wink: