Wavelab PRO 11 Ventura, crash when I try to access my download folder via wavelab file browser


after few tries and several restart of my computer, it seems that wave lab crashes every time I try to access to my download folder in Macintosh HD/User even though I enabled access to this folder for wave lab.
If I use wave lab file browser and try to double click on the download folder, wave lab just disappear and Ventura tells me that wave lab crashed and prompt for sending bug report to apple.

Anyone experienced the same type of problem?

I’m on Ventura 13.0.1 MacBook Pro 16’ M1max and wave lab pro 11.1.2 build 62…

Thank you.


An OSX crash report could help.

Hi, here is the report…

sorry, I had to make it a pdf, upload doesn’t want .rtf or .txt
Aplle crash report.pdf (117.4 KB)


Check here:

Uploading Files

Simply drag and drop onto the edit box. Project files, .dmp and .crash files and other pertinent file types can be uploaded.

regards S-EH

Hum, the crash report is generated by OSX, I can only copy/paste it into a text file…I tried to drag the .txt and .rtf files onto the edit box but text format is rejected.
tell me if pdf works for you or not…?

It does not, unfortunately. I need the text format, aka txt or more exactly .crash.
You can zip it to upload it.

Apple crash report.rtf.zip (12.9 KB)
here it is…

Thanks. The crash is caused by some data in the header of an audio file, that seems corrupted. WaveLab tries to copy data with a size that is wrong.
I would need to get a copy of the guilty audio file, to maybe find a way around this kind of scenario. But for this, you need to guess what is this guilty file…

hum, ok, do you think the guilty audio files might be in the download folder (it doesn’t crash if I go in another folder of the user ones) or in another one in the computer…?

I’ll try to pull out all the audio files from the download folder…do you think a pref trash should be necessary to reset a few things before testing more…?

Thank you

It must be in the folder that you try to browse. Because when the file browser reaches a new folder, WaveLab analyses its files headers, to display info in the browser.

No. The problem can’t be caused by some WaveLab preference.

Ok, I’ve found the guilty files, it is an atmos mix which is 2,22 Gb, to big for wetransfer, how can I send it to you…?


I have sent you a PM.