Wavelab pro 12 grace period update

Can I’m using my Wavelab pro 11 license to open Wavelab Cast?
Are you coming to inform us before the release of Wavelab pro 12 and grace period update?
So we everybody don’t lose our license for older version,if somebody doesn’t yet activated them? I’m mean like was with Dorico Pro 4,Cubase pro 12,Nuendo Pro12 and other software?

There is no WaveLab 12 for a long time, hence no reason to speak about a grace period for the time being.


Ok. How about CC121 integration with wavelab?
And multi Language? For example Russian user interface and manual like Cubase and Nuendo have?
Can I’m using my Wavelab pro 11 license to open Wavelab Cast too?

This is already done.

Currently, there is no other language support. This kind of support depends on the number of users in the various countries.

No, but everything in Cast is also available in WaveLab Pro.

Is the same with Nuendo 11 and Nuendo Live 2 ?
Please integrate Russian language please,please.
Thank you very much PG1.

Hold up a second—
I can run WaveLab Cast?? Our studio uses WLPro11 for mastering services and a friend has been pushing me to get into streaming as a way of marketing the business. I was curious about giving Cast a try just to see if its useful for out needs but not curious enough to buy a lower tier version of software we already have. If this works Id love to check Cast out.


PG said that all the features in WL Cast are in WL Pro. Which to me says that Cast results can be realized with WL Pro.

Conclusion: You can use WL Pro do duplicate what WL Cast does, and therefore no need to purchase WL Cast if you own WL Pro.

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