Wavelab pro 12 grace period update

Can I’m using my Wavelab pro 11 license to open Wavelab Cast?
Are you coming to inform us before the release of Wavelab pro 12 and grace period update?
So we everybody don’t lose our license for older version,if somebody doesn’t yet activated them? I’m mean like was with Dorico Pro 4,Cubase pro 12,Nuendo Pro12 and other software?

There is no WaveLab 12 for a long time, hence no reason to speak about a grace period for the time being.


Ok. How about CC121 integration with wavelab?
And multi Language? For example Russian user interface and manual like Cubase and Nuendo have?
Can I’m using my Wavelab pro 11 license to open Wavelab Cast too?

This is already done.

Currently, there is no other language support. This kind of support depends on the number of users in the various countries.

No, but everything in Cast is also available in WaveLab Pro.

Is the same with Nuendo 11 and Nuendo Live 2 ?
Please integrate Russian language please,please.
Thank you very much PG1.

Hold up a second—
I can run WaveLab Cast?? Our studio uses WLPro11 for mastering services and a friend has been pushing me to get into streaming as a way of marketing the business. I was curious about giving Cast a try just to see if its useful for out needs but not curious enough to buy a lower tier version of software we already have. If this works Id love to check Cast out.


PG said that all the features in WL Cast are in WL Pro. Which to me says that Cast results can be realized with WL Pro.

Conclusion: You can use WL Pro do duplicate what WL Cast does, and therefore no need to purchase WL Cast if you own WL Pro.

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My Wavelab can not find the output speakers. The speakers are in Control Panel and work on all programmes other then Wavelab. The did work and i am wondering if I have done something incorrect. Have spent two days trying to fine the problem.
Charlie Lee Australia


Have you checked all the setup here…

regards S-EH

Hello Sven
Have had Wavelab for quite awhile and my 87 year old brain has had trouble. The first thing was the sound card and eventually put in a Soundblaster Audigy FX card and that fixed the trouble. Now for no reason it will all of a sudden drop out and then come back in again. When it drops out every thing works in Control Panel and the sound works in all other programmes. When eventually I got into Control Panel through Wavelab it all worked again. Have ordered an upgrade Sound Card and it should be here around the 24 th.
Have studied the Wavelab Manual and I still can not see how to amalgamate the files of the backing track and the recording. I think I may be better off going back to Adobe 1.5 that I have used for years, however, the Wavelab sounds better to me. Thank you for all of your help it was very good.

Hello dear Wavelab teams and dear PG, and users.
Number 1 tanks to release of Wavelab 12.
Number 2 want just ask why 12 not 13 like Cubase and Nuendo?
And another number 3 question.
If I’m have on my Elicenser Wavelab 7 and I’m still have en update to wavelab 9 not yet activated,
What happens after I’m activating this?
I’m still able Wavelab 11,10,9,8,7 and another? With my Elicenser? And 12 too with new license control?
Thanks. Best regards and have nice day everybody.

Your unused update code should ultimately give you an eLicenser licence valid up to WaveLab 11.1, then a Steinberg Licensing licence valid for WaveLab 11.2 and 12.

Start out by activating the code, which will probably give you WaveLab 11 on eLicenser. If that is the case, register your eLicenser from eLicenser Control Center, then run the Maintenance option. Once you have done that, open Steinberg Activation Manager (if you don’t have it on your system, download and run Steinberg Download Manager, which will install it), click the person icon in the top right and select “Grace Period Check…”.

Ensure that any software you sign in is signed in to the same My Steinberg account.

It’s true? Because they posting something like.
If you activating old license like new user you get just 12. Or if you updating after some date it gone be same. Something like this.
I’m don’t mean exactly. But better to ask before doing something manipulation because I’m little afraid about this. It’s working just one way.
It’s 100% ? Thanks.

At least up until now, Steinberg’s policy is that you get whatever the latest version of the product on the day that you redeem the code for a licence. If your WaveLab 9 code was never redeemed, it should now entitle you to WaveLab 12.

Ok. But for me very very important to have old versions on Elicenser too. Up to latest Elicenser version 11.

When you upgrade from a version of a product that uses eLicenser to a version that uses Steinberg Licensing, your eLicenser licence is valid for the last eLicenser version but is marked non-upgradeable so that you cannot use it for a subsequent version update. Any future updates are based on the Steinberg Licensing licence.

I bought WaveLab Pro 10 and put the licence on my eLicenser. When WaveLab 11 launched, I paid to update to version 11 of WaveLab and my eLicenser was updated to version 11. When Steinberg allowed WaveLab users to migrate to Steinberg licensing, I redeemed my migration voucher, giving me a Steinberg Licensing licence for WaveLab 11 and an eLicenser licence for WaveLab 11 that cannot be upgraded again. Today, I bought a WaveLab 11 to 12 update: this update happened purely in the Steinberg Licensing system where my WaveLab Pro 11 licence was exchanged for a WaveLab Pro 12 licence.

If you update from WaveLab 7 to WaveLab 12, you should finish up with a WaveLab 11 (not upgradeable) licence on eLicenser, which is good for WaveLab 11.1 and earlier, and a WaveLab 12 licence, which is good for WaveLab 11.1 (the first Steinberg Licensing version), WaveLab 11.2 and WaveLab 12.

Thanks. Did you know maybe if latest Nuendo 11 version on Elicenser,working with both early Nuendo 5 and separate expansion Nuendo 5 kit versions ? I’m mean if Nuendo 11 license allow to start expansion kit too, or just Nuendo. Because before Nuendo 6 or 7 it was 2 different licenses.

I don’t know. If you have a Nuendo Expansion Kit licence, that will not be disturbed by a paid Nuendo update. However, I don’t know whether a Nuendo 11 licence will enable the Nuendo Expansion Kit on those versions of Nuendo with a kit if you don’t have a Nuendo Expansion Kit licence.

You could ask over in the Nuendo forum, but you might find that nobody knows.